“With FlexLink’s elevated conveyor system we can now produce larger volumes”

With FlexLink’s elevated conveyor system we can now produce larger volumes

Gefleorten defends its place in the dairy section through its local presence, to both consumers and farmers. To maintain the gained confidence in Gefleorten as a dairy producer, it is crucial for them to deliver the best products possible. Their investment in a new automated production flow solution has increased their output, and made their production more flexible and cost-effective.

Gefleorten – naturally close since 1933

Gefleorten’s dairy association is owned by a hundred local milk producers, and is one of Sweden’s oldest, and smallest, dairy companies. Gefleorten believes in small-scale production, and being naturally close to their consumers. The business focuses on the manufacturing of fresh dairy products, such as milk, sour milk, yogurt and cream products. Gefleorten’s dairy association is certified according to BRC Global Standards for food safety. That means the quality management system is reviewed once a year by an independent party, to ensure the best quality possible of the products. Gefleorten aims to be the best, and natural choice for their customers.

Gain more floor space and better hygiene conditions with a new conveyor system

Gefleorten wanted to renew their old and worn-out conveyor system, and replace it with a system with better hygiene. They also wanted to change the conveyors’ placement, since they were on floor level and took up a lot of space in an already limited area. The expected outcome of the installation was to gain floor space, and to make the whole manufacturing process more flexible. Another important need stated by the customer was to install the conveyor system in a short amount of time. The installation needed to be done over a weekend, since production was running throughout the weekdays.

Clear communication and careful planning were key to meet customer demands

floor-space-dairy-conveyor-gefleorten-flexlinkTo understand the customer’s needs, FlexLink had a clear communication with Gefleorten during the whole process. FlexLink delivered an automated production flow solution where the conveyors were elevated, to meet the need of more floor-space. The system delivered full flexibility between fillers and packers, according to the customer’s requirements. The flexibility meant that they could chose which packer that should be connected to which filler. This was required since the connections often change to meet the market’s needs. Trolleys, crates and cases are just a few examples of different packaging alternatives.

To manage the short time plan, FlexLink started assembling the conveyors in the ceiling in advance, to save as much time as possible. When it was time to install the conveyors, everything was already in place, and the implementation was done according to schedule. A challenge when assembling the conveyors in the ceiling, was the limited space due to ventilation, pipes and pillars. Preparation, planning and communication were crucial for the success of this installation.

“We chose FlexLink, and the communication with them throughout the project has been very good. We are very satisfied with selecting them as our supplier”, says Jonas Stiegenberg, Technical Manager at Gefleorten.

Elevating the conveyors resulted in higher flexibility in the dairy factory

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Due to the elevated conveyors, the dairy factory became more open and accessible. This allowed the producer to fit another filler, which contributed to increasing the factory’s capacity.

“The expected outcome of this installation was to gain floor space, and we really did. Elevating the conveyors made a big difference in our narrow premises. The available floor space got much bigger, actually bigger than expected. We have saved a lot of time for the operations since the employees’ can, in an easy way, move around in the factory. We have also been able to put in additional machines”, says Jonas Stiegenberg, Technical Manager at Gefleorten.

The effects of their new conveyor system have increased their production, as well as lowered their maintenance costs, since the new system runs smoothly with minimum wear. It has contributed to a higher reliability of supply, and a more effective cleaning process. Although Gefleorten is a small dairy company, these improvements gave the company a better chance to defend its position in the grocery stores’ dairy sections.

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