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Biscuit Production
Maximize production efficiency in tight spaces with the Compact Spiral Conveyor

One of the biggest FMCG companies worldwide was seeking a solution to boost their production capacity and at the same time avoid unnecessary downtime in manufacturing. The main challenge was to maximize efficiency while being limited to the existing manufacturing site. However, we can anticipate one thing – we have developed a solution that left the ground.

The challenge of increased production

Our client is a third-party manufacturer of one of the largest companies for confectionery, food, and snacks like biscuits and chocolate in the world. The multinational corporation approached us directly regarding a major challenge they faced with one of their production sites in India. In this production facility, the company produces an iconic biscuit with several layers. Due to the growing demand, the company needed to find a suitable solution to improve its production capacity. One important condition was to minimize downtime at all costs.

A project of this importance poses a substantial challenge and therefore requires precise planning to systematically exclude errors of any kind. Since the existing facility was already fully occupied and moving to a new facility was not an option either, we were faced with a major task.

In complex projects like this, we work very closely together with our customers. This ensures the best possible outcome and complete transparency along the process.

Biscuit Production Site FMCG

Take production up high

It quickly became clear that the only way to meet the demand was by improving the production flow. First, it was necessary to elevate the facility’s entire production flow. To meet the challenging project requirements, FlexLink investigated the production site closely and analyzed available solutions that would be suitable to integrate with the existing machines. With the gained knowledge, we were able to develop a tailored solution that was customized to our client’s production needs.

Maximize space with compact spiral

By connecting compact spiral conveyors to the existing machine, the system was elevated 2.2 meters up in the air and valuable floor space was made available within the narrow facility. This made the production flow simpler and more logical. One of the advantages going forward was that forklifts were able to move unhindered under the conveyor system. As a result, machine access and floor utilization could be improved significantly. Another benefit was the improvement of ergonomic working conditions which increased employee satisfaction. The compact spiral conveyors are available in various configuration options. This allows us to adjust the height and utilization individually to the needs of our customers.

Avoid downtime with our elevating solutions

Our solution included a friction-top chain to enable the packets to smoothly elevate, without falling. This increased the production efficiency even further. Now, the facility can handle as many as five different products, ranging from small and fragile single-piece units to large cartons. The new installations were easy to connect to the existing machines, so the system upgrade went without any unnecessary downtime. Today, the biscuit site is running smoothly with great efficiency, low costs, and happy employees.
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