Welcome to our blog about automated production flow solutions

Welcome to FlexLink's blog

We are very happy to welcome you to our brand new blog! This is our platform to keep you updated on what is happening in the field of industrial automation and with FlexLink. More importantly, it is a forum for sharing knowledge and helping each other solving problems. Whether you are involved in FlexLink, or just interested in automated production flow solutions – this is your place.

A blog where we share our knowledge and experience in the field of industrial automation

In this blog, we will be writing about production process management, line performance enhancement, total production efficiency, material and information flows, automated production flow solutions, industrial automation equipment, and much more. We will share our knowledge within a variety of topics, including user tips and tricks, future trends and upcoming events, as well as news and updates from the field of industrial automation.

Experts in automated production flow solutions and production efficiency

The people behind this blog are either FlexLink staff with their own particular fields of expertise, or external experts that we have invited to share their knowledge. This means the articles will have different topics. There will be something for everyone who are interested in automated production flow solutions. Regardless of background or what field you work in, you should be able to find useful information and knowledge here.

Elevated production flows reclaim valuable floor space.
Elevated production flows reclaim valuable floor space. This enables you to add more production capacity or increase accessibility for your operators.

This blog is for you – join the conversation and share what is on your mind

We will update this blog on a regular basis with interesting and relevant content. We hope that you will find it useful and inspirational, and that you will enjoy the time you spend here. If our blog could become a place where you always keep yourself updated and start your information search, we would be thrilled. If we could also spread our extensive knowledge, outside the FlexLink world – it would be even better. That is what we are hoping for.

A meeting point for everyone interested in production automation

Join the conversation

We would like this blog to be a meeting point for all kinds of people interested in production automation. We invite you to participate – always feel free to contact the writer, comment on our blog posts and interact with us in our social media channels. Maybe there is a topic that you would like to read about, but can’t find on the blog? Let us know! This blog is for you.

This might be a blog in its early days, but the goal is to share our knowledge for many years to come. Do you have friends who might be interested in our blog? Share this article on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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The FlexLink team is a group of individuals with a passion for great content.

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