I really enjoy being a part of the FlexLink family

I really enjoy being a part of the FlexLink family

Felix Goldenthal has a Master in Mechanical and Process Engineering and works as Manager of Application Engineering at FlexLink in Germany. As a manager, he believes it is important to coach and lead his team, give them feedback and inspire them to do a good job. In our interview with Felix Goldenthal, you will learn more about how he delivers smart production equipment to his customers and how he perceives FlexLink as a workplace.

Professional development with new responsibilities

“In 2008, I started working as Application Engineer at FlexLink where I, among other things, was creating quotes for our customers”, Felix says. “Six years later, I got the opportunity to take over the department and now I am working as Manager of Application Engineering. I am responsible for 17 people at two sites that together prepare and deliver quotes. We have a close cooperation with our customers to learn their challenges and needs for smart factory automation solutions. We help to create technical solutions, layouts and facilitate production flows for our customers, including the preparation of the according budgets for the new solutions. Thus, we are both salespersons and engineers, since we advise on efficient solutions and components for specific productions.”

“Aside from managing the application department, I am also a member of the company management team, which is led by the General Manager. Together, we discuss the company’s future as well as develop and implement different strategies to stay competitive on the market”, he continues.

Feedback and inspiration to fulfill the customers’ needs

Feedback and inspiration to fulfill the customers’ needs“My role has changed a lot since I got my new manager position. Now, I am organizing and prioritizing the work at the department”, he explains. “I am available for my colleagues on a daily basis and offer education and training in order to maintain a good knowledge base. We also visit fairs and exhibitions to learn about new trends in the field of smart factory automation. For me, in my role as manager, it is important to coach my team, give them feedback and inspire them to do a good job. We must have an ear for our customers’ needs and be able to understand technical problems but also to find good solutions. Therefore, communication is crucial, both internally and with our customers.”

A workplace with great atmosphere and global cooperations

A workplace with great atmosphere and global cooperations“I really enjoy working closely with my team of colleagues, as well as working close to the customers and learn about their productions and challenges. I also appreciate the more strategic part of my job, which is to be a member of the management team and take part in decisions that affect the future of our company. FlexLink is a workplace with a great atmosphere. It is a global company with colleagues all over the world. Wherever I go, I always find FlexLink people with the same mindset as me – I really like the FlexLink family”, Felix says.

An important balance between work and private life

“Aside from working, I love spending time with my family”, Felix says. “Also, I am working from time to time in my garden as there is always a lot to do.”

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