I always have the freedom to express myself in a creative way

I always have the freedom to express myself in a creative way

Aidy Zulfa Mohamed studied mechanical engineering and worked with factory automation for about eight years before he joined FlexLink in Malaysia in 2002. Today, he works as Operations Manager and is responsible for operations regarding design, application, logistics, production, and quality. Read our interview with Aidy Zulfa Mohamed to get to know him a bit better and find out more about his job at FlexLink.

FlexLink encourages the employees to make their own decisions

“I work as Operations Manager for the product and supply division at FlexLink in Malaysia”, says Aidy. “Basically, that means that I am in charge of the overall operations at our Malaysian office, from application to production and logistics. I have 22 people working for me, and they represent the design department, the application team, logistics team, production team, and the quality department. Together, we have regular meetings where we go through current projects and highlight potential challenges we are facing.”

“For me, it is important to empower my colleagues to make their own decisions, and if we encounter problems we take action together”, he continues. “I communicate a lot with FlexLink’s sales units. I support the Sales Engineers when it comes to application, how to use the product, any technical issues they are facing and how to structure the pricing.”

High-quality production solutions for the electronics industry

High-quality production solutions for the electronics industry“At the Malaysian office, we design and manufacture many different factory automation solutions. Our goal is to provide high-quality solutions that meet the customers’ needs and go together with their budgets. Aside from providing our Malaysian customers with smart production equipment, we also export our products to other FlexLink units around the world.”

“The Malaysian office mainly focuses on production solutions for the electronics industry,” Aidy says. “For example, we design and manufacture complete lines of printed circuit boards (PCB) handling units. These high throughput modules provide transport, product buffering/accumulation and a full range of handling and routing alternatives. These are competitive solutions that have a good design and high quality, which help to increase productivity for our customers.”

A global environment contributes to a great working culture

“The best part of my job is when I am able to make our customers happy by delivering a product on time with zero defects and high quality” Aidy continues. “That is the most satisfying aspect of my job. The best part about working at FlexLink is the culture. You always have the freedom to express yourself in a creative way. Also, I enjoy the challenge of working with people from all parts of the world.”

FlexLink values a great balance between work and spare time

“When I am not working, I enjoy all kinds of sports. For example, I am a lot into cycling and often go for long rides during the weekends. Other than that, I enjoy hiking and spending time outside in nature.”   

I hope you enjoyed reading our interview with Aidy Zulfa Mohamed. Feel free to contact us with questions or visit our website, or social media channels for more information about FlexLink and our employees.

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