Balance your production flow with a high-speed diverter

Balance your production flow with a high-speed diverter

When producing fast-moving consumer goods, it is important to have a balanced production flow. Applying high-speed continuous motion diverting technique revolutionizes speed capacity and introduces new application areas in the production industry. Thanks to its versatility and smooth handling of the products, it is applicable both upstream and downstream to improve the production line’s overall efficiency.

A smart and balanced flow when producing fast moving consumer goods

In the industry of fast moving consumer goods, it is important to have a balanced production flow. There is also a need for high-speed production since there is a strong focus on the number of products per minute a factory produces. A factory often has several machines that run independently of each other at different speeds, and consequently, those machines need different production flows. If a machine running at 500 product per minute (ppm) is placed in front of a machine with lower speed (250 ppm) you will need to divide the 500 ppm flow for example in two and buy an additional machine of 250 ppm to balance the flow. Otherwise, your fast machine is not giving you the additional production required – the bottleneck is the downstream machine.

A cutting edge technique within the production industry

A cutting edge technique within the production industryA high-speed diverter is a solution for arranging products in various ways in a production process. It is best suited for industries with high production flows, perfectly balancing more than 1,000 products per minute. Products get distributed according to the downstream process and its capacity requirements, enabling a demand-driven production at higher capacities than ever before. With its optimized conveyor and machine speeds, it generates higher production rates along with a smooth flow of products.

Traditionally, when allocating products, the line speed is reduced to be able to switch track before the production speed increases again. The traditional solution is comparable to a city traffic light that causes queues and traffic stops while redirecting traffic. A high-speed diverter with continuous motion, on the other hand, creates a continuous production, working more like the flow on a freeway, where traffic is woven together and high speed is maintained.

High throughput with gentle handling of the products

High throughput with a gentle handling of the productsThe high capacity of a continuous motion high-speed diverter is a great advantage, as it can manage over 1,000 products per minute, and allocate them to different tracks without any stopping or queuing. Another and maybe greater advantage is that it handles the products very gently. Products are not stopped, clamped or queued, instead, they are conveyed smoothly and separated on a plain conveyor. It is flexible to different product formats and shapes and is easily adjustable for different sizes. Its minimal impact on the products contributes to reduced waste. Its continuous motion, high capacity, and way of operation ensure high product density on conveyors to downstream equipment. This, in turn, enables compact layouts with short distances, as well as layouts with fewer conveyors between the machines.

A way to enable efficient conveyor systems in the production industry

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FlexLink’s Dynamic Motion Transfer (DMT™ ) high-speed diverter is a flexible solution that can be adjusted to fit different scenarios and enables an efficient production flow. It has a compact design, which allows easy addition of new machine capacity. A compact design is favorable since it is space saving and the operators gain increasing access to the line. Combined with the user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interference), an easy and clear everyday operation of the DMT™ is secured. With this solution, very little or no adjustments are needed in changeovers between different product batches. Altogether, resulting in high line capability and yield, hence an increased line OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). With its robust and clean design, it has a long service life and a minimum of maintenance is required. Despite the high speed, the solution has gentle handling of the products. Therefore, if you are working in a high-speed production industry, the DMT™ solution can be well worth the investment.

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